Nathalie correspondance

Epistolar theater project

Nathalie correspondence by Itzel Aparicio consists of a letter exchange between the artist and spectators.
The second name of Itzel Aparicio is Nathalie and taking this second identity as a starting point, we created a character combining fictional and biographical material. The narrative inside the letters is guided by the following questions: Who is Nathalie? Who is the reader/spectator? Why our parents decided to give us our names?
All the letters are sent by mail service proposing a new relationship between spectator and the artist, bringing back to the present the Pen Pal system of the 60s, a way of communication almost lost nowadays.
During the development of this project two photo performance series were made Nathalie en Buenos Aires and Los amigos porteños de Nathalie.


Mexico City
Puebla, Mexico City
Paris, France
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Nathalie: Itzel Aparicio
Concept: Itzel Aparicio
Directors: Isabel Toledo e Itzel Aparicio
Mail art: Carlos López Tavera
Video: Horacio Romo
Artistic Collaborator: Misael Garrido
Photograph: Isabel Toledo.

Photo Performance Nathalie

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo Performance “los amigos porteños de Nathalie”

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Letter Exchange