Las gordas

Public Space Intervention

Las gordas investigates the act of eating as a performatic event and the creation of female communities as an act of political resistance in Latin-America. Scenically, the investigation is based on the creation of a relational device that gathers a group of women spectators in a gastronomic banquet which takes place in the city streets.
The project its made of an intervention that convene a group of women to eat in a public space: a great feast whose diners are women from different contexts, where personal traditions, cultural and collective imaginaries are condensed. The performance puts forward eating as an act of female resistance during which memory, culinary tradition and wisdom are reflected in nourishing the body.
The documentary thematic is present during the whole play, by the act of eating the culinary memories and stories that have been around from generation to generation will appear. Inside the device there’s an open microphone in which women can talk about traditions and knowledge that frame the pleasant act of eating.
The piece is done with the local community where the project takes place through an open invitation for 20 women.


2019  Kiosko del Zócalo de San Pedro Cholula
2018  Kiosko del barrio de Santiago Xicotenco de San Andrés Cholula


Concept and Directors: Isabel Toledo e Itzel Aparicio
Concept and Video: Horacio Romo

Kiosko del Zócalo de San Pedro Cholula

Puebla, Mexico City

San Pedro Cholula

Puebla, Mexico City