Telephone theater project

No hay futuro posible is a telephone theater project in which four actresses or actors (three foreign actors and one native to the country in which the project is held) have a telephone conversation one on one with spectators creating bridges between the present and the future.
The fiction is situated in the year 2136 when the world is about to end and the humanity faces lack of spaces of dissent to resist the looming catastrophe. In reply, The Company, a clandestine Organization convenes an exclusive group of youngsters to make telephone calls to the past. Belonging to different contexts they share a marked reality by solitary confinement and despair that they will try to modify with the encounter with a stranger.
No hay futuro posible is the result of an investigation about the idea of the future in our generation and a visible apathy in front of all future perspectives. The decision to use the home phone as device, arises from Pentimento’s interest in recovering certain types of communication that are in disuse to establish a bond with  the spectators and create a performatic event. The home phone’s are almost rare for younger generations and using them as channel implies, in itself, to take a trip to the past. The project has had two versions since 2015.
The first version took place in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The dramaturgy was written from a laboratory process done with three different Latin-American actresses who lived in Argentina and an actress from Argentina. The second version took place at the Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City within the framework of an artistic residence. This time the laboratory process was done with three foreign Latin-American actors who lived in Mexico City and a Mexican actor.


2017 Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City
Teatro UNAM, Mexico City


Concept, text and director: Isabel Toledo
Performers: Manuela Méndez (Argentina), Vianka Alejandro (Puerto Rico), Catalina Muñoz (Chile) e Itzel Aparicio (México)
Music and sound design: Hernaldo Nuñez.

Concept, text and director: Isabel Toledo
Codirector: Itzel Aparicio
Performers: Ernesto del Cañal (Cuba), Gabriel Atala (Argentina), Esteban Caicedo (Colombia) y Misael Garrido (México)
Producer: Pentimento
Assistant producer: Alejandro Lugo
Space designer: Nicolás Rodríguez
Video: Mariano de Rosa
Video script: Misael Garrido
Actors in video and pictures: Paula Castagnetti y Gonzalo Guzmán.

Financial support

Residencia de creación, Museo Universitario del Chopo (2017)

La empresa

Offices, Mexico City