P l a y

Experiencia sonora sobre el
entrenamiento del actor

PLAY is an interactive performance experience that invites 10 audience members to be guided by audio instructions into a playfully accelerated process of actor training. Eight short lessons offer warm-up’s, breathing exercises, lectures, videos, improvisation, and even tips for mingling at post-show parties. Can an untrained viewer be transformed into a professionally prepared actor in a mere 45 minutes? PLAY serves as Pentimento’s response to the preponderance of acting programs in Mexico City, and the mass production of “trained” young actors who face daunting odds in securing professional work. As a result, the work serves as both an interrogation of the state of the craft and a surprising portrait of the artist, enacted by 10 strangers.

Festivals and Venues

2019  Festival de Arte Nuevo, FAN, Chihuahua, Mexico City 
2018  Muestra Nacional de Teatro,Mexico City

2018  Encuentro Nacional de las Artes Escénicas, ENARTES, Mexico City
2018  Sala Novo del Teatro la Capilla, Mexico City
2018  Casa de Cultura de la UAEMex en Tlalpan, Mexico City
2017  Live Arts Exchange/ LAX Festival, Los Ángeles, California
2014  Casa de la Cultura de la UAEMex en Tlalpan, Mexico City


Director and text: Isabel Toledo
Co director: Itzel Aparicio
Producer: Pentimento
Producer, Los Angeles: Libertad Salgado
Sound Designer: Horacio Romo
Space Designer, México City: Isabel Toledo
Space Designer, Los Angeles: Nicolás Rodríguez
Light: Misael Garrido
Assistant Producer: Homero Fernández Segura
Photographs: Lali Zanotti, Gema Galiana y Estudio Alós & Ponc

Financial Support

Supported by the National Mexican Fund for Art and Culture, FONCA , CONACULTA, and Teatro Línea de Sombra.

Casa de Cultura de la UAEM

Tlalpan, Mexico City

Live Arts Exchange, LAX Festival

Los Ángeles, California, E.U.A.

Sala Novo, Teatro la Capilla

Mexico City